Monday, 31 October 2011

Random #1

I love this song! And this clip. Thanks to the video maker because I can enjoy this couple so much along with a beautiful song. The scenes were taken from Sad Movie.Shin Min Ah and Lee Ki Woo  look adorable and sweet together right?

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mia Taeng (Lakorn/ Thai Drama)

Lakorn means Thailand drama.

Mia Taeng (Wedded wife) is another force marriage drama. This is not a new theme in Lakorn world since most of my lakorns (already watched) have this kind of story line. Honestly,I didn't feel tired to watch and enjoy these kind of lakorns because Thailand is the best at making cheesy love. The cliche drama. Don't get me wrong. What I mean is that, their love story just to good to be true. And this isn't bad right?

Back to our drama Mia Taeng, Kongkai has been forced to marry Arunprapai. This is an order from his mother since he lives like a playboy. If he refused to marry the girl that his mother choose, all of the wealth will be hand over to the charity and he will inherit nothing.  Arunprapai on the other hand, accept the marriage in order to prevent her ex-lover,Phuchong a married man chasing her.

For Kongkai, he has a lover, Prungchat whom he loves so much. However, his mother doesn't approve it since she knows that Prungchat and her family have their own agenda to seize Kongkai's wealth. Kongkai agreed to marry Arunprapai but then make a promise to Prungchat that this marriage will only last for one year. However, many things happen during their marriage when both of them started to love each other. And Prungchat promised that she will never let Kongkai and Arunprapai to be happy.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (Upcoming Kdrama)

Woww..This end of October will going to be interesting! Jung Il Woo on the small screen again. I'm excited to see his cutie face again after watching him in 49 days early this year. After taking a short rest (I guess), currently he's been busy for the new drama, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. This drama premieres on 31 October 2011.

Based from the stills and posters, this drama full of prettiness and cuteness. All I can say, the cast are  pretty cute and handsome.  Ahh, I think most of fangirls (including me) will going to faint because we have to handle  the overload cuteness from the cast. Just imagine, they are two cute handsome boys  involved in a love triangle  played by Jung Il Woo and Lee Ki Woo. And our lucky heroin is Lee Chung Ah. If you happen to be the heroin, who will you choose?  Jung Il Woo for sure is the nuna's killer and Lee Ki Woo, our super tall baby face man. Who doesn't want right?

While for Lee Chung Ah, she has been starred on the movie, named Temptation of Wolves (2004) alongside Kang Dong Won and Jo Han Su. Sigh. She's sure a lucky girl.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sad Movie (Kmovie)

The movie consists of four different stories which circled about love, pains, family and separation.

This synopsis was taken from Wiki- Sad Movie;
The first story tells of a firefighter, Jin-woo and his girlfriend named Su-jeong who works in a TV station as a news translator for the mute. She is waiting for him to propose, focused on the rationale that given his dangerous job, she likes the idea of him having to think of her, to hesitate for a while before jumping into danger. He, on the other hand, is waiting for that perfect opportunity, setting and all, before popping the question.

The second story is about a deaf girl named Ahn Su-eun who works as a costume character in a theme park. There she meets a young artist, Sang-gyu who she begins to develop feelings for quickly, yet refuses to take off her mask in front of him for quite some time because of her scar.

The third story is of a mother, Ju-young and child, Hee-chan. The mother was too busy to spend time with her young son, until an illness confines her to a hospital bed. There the mother and son begin to communicate more and more.

Lastly, the story of a boy, Ha-seok and girl, Suk-hyun who have just broken up. The Suk-hyun's reason being that she needs a more stable guy with a good job. The unemployed ex-boyfriend goes off and finds himself a job helping other couples break up. Hoping that if he earns enough money, he could woo his loved one back.

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